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Drools.NET is a Business Rules Engine (BRE) based on Charles Forgy's Rete algorithm. Developers can now exploit a powerful Rule Engine through a completely managed .NET code base! Drools.NET is based on Jboss Rules, and comes with all the features of that Rules Engine. 

For a full set of documentation, please visit The User Guide.


Core Rules Engine Features

Drools.Net 3.0 supports the following features:

  • Full Rete Implementation with high performance indexing
  • Field Constraints
  • Literal, Bound Variable, ReturnValue and PredicateConstraints
  • Conditional Elements
  • And, Or, Not, Exists and Eval
  • Agenda Management
    • Conflict Resolution (Salience+Depth)
    • Agenda Groups
    • Activation Groups
    • Agenda Filters
    • No loop for recursion control
  • Truth Maintenance with Logical Assertions
  • Temporal Rules (allows rules to fire based on time requirements)
  • Dynamic Rules (runtime addition and removal of rules)
  • Event Model
    • Working Memory Actions
    • Agenda
  • Functions
  • Global Ddata

Debugging/Deployment Features:

  • Drools.Net supports debugging of rules by putting breakpoints in consequences in a rule file.
  • Dynamic runtime compile and use.
  • Precompiled Packages.